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The COMMUNE6x3 is an experimental, temporary public project space organized by a collective of artists and architects in a mobile showroom container – in collaboration with the company, Adapteo.

COMMUNE6x3 launched in August 23rd 2021 and created - A public project space for social and communal networking, an incubator for experimentation and artist intervention. Essentially, a free space for cultural innovation and community building brought together artists, musicians, architects, activists, performers, academics and cultural workers in and around COMMUNE6x3 container. 

For us, this transparent showroom structure of the container is important, because we can unfold enclosed spaces by making them accessible to the public. In this conglomerate collective, we create branches of experimental community and collaborative collective building. The mobile space eventually grew into a collective of artists and architects – expanding from public intervention from 2021 to workshops, social projects and physical and digital hub for community building and collective work with the intention of education and accessibility.

The Team

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Co Founder

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Co Founder

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